August 14, 1929

A hundred thousand dollar gift to any city is something unusual and creates more than passing interest.

Yet this very thing has happed right here in our midst.

We refer to Chas. A. Penn’s new and magnificent Country Club and golf course which are to be formally opened on Saturday of this week.

Few men there are who have the civic pride and love for their fellow townspeople as has this beloved citizen.

Reidsville is proud to claim C.A. Penn as one of her own and her citizens are grateful for what he has done, is doing and will continue to do for the very best town in all the world.

In less than three years Pennrose Park has grown from barren fields and woodland to one of the prettiest suburban developments of the Piedmont. With the completion of the Country Club and the 9-hole golf course, we feel that we have achieved what Reidsville has been needing. Drive through this fast growing development and see what is being done.


The Suburb Supreme

Since January 1, 1928 about time the announcement was made that Pennrose Park would be developed into an up-to-date residential suburb over three and a quarter million dollars have invested in Reidsville and its environs.

The most dependable index to a city’s growth is the extent and solidity of its building program, and the purpose of this article is to present this feature of the city’s development and to point out the significance of the city’s growth over the past two years.

The expansion of the American Tobacco Company, the building of the Klotz Silk Manufacturing Company, the construction of two new modern tobacco warehouses, the building of magnificent retail stores and the remodeling of others, the building and installation of a modern gas plant and districting system, the construction of twelve immense tobacco storage sheds, the building of a modern theatre to be equipped with a sound picture mechanism, comforts and conveniences; the building and equipment of a modern three-story hospital; the construction of a handsome office building; and the building of over 150 new homes involving a total investment of $327,500 is probably a record that few cities the size of Reidsville can equal.

Pennrose Park is destined to become one of the beauty spots of Piedmont Carolina. The vast expanse of rolling country is being converted into a beautiful suburban development. A $40,000 clubhouse and a nine-hole golf course that can be enlarged whenever circumstances demand, is completed and will be open to members this week. The golf course, designed by the famous golf architect, Donald Ross, is complete in every detail and is unsurpassed by any course its size in the country. The clubhouse, of old English architecture, is complete in all its appointments and equipment and will become the social center of the city. Clustered, with ample space around the golf links and the clubhouse, are the first of the handsome homes that will fill Pennrose Park within the next few years. These homes for the most part, are of brick and brick veneer and have all the facilities of city service and conveniences.


Pennrose Park and its beautiful and carefully planned landscape makes a delightful setting for the golf club and is expertly designed nine hole golf links. Stretched over the rolling hills and deep into the deep shaded valleys, the golf course winds in and out of as pretty a natural park as the Piedmont affords anywhere. Ample area adjoins the present course to permit enlargement of the links to any desired size, and it is the purpose of the management of Pennrose to enlarge the course to full tournament proportion as soon as this step is deemed advisable.

Reidsville and Pennrose will go forward together in carrying out a program of city and suburban progress. Each have become a part and necessity to the other, and as one grows in greatness and importance the other will follow through.

In connection with the new club building will be opened a nine hole Donald J. Ross Golf Course. This course is considered one of the most difficult courses in this section and will furnish much pleasant recreation for those who are lovers of this sport.

Much careful time and attention has been devoted to the building of this course, and a large sum of money has been expended towards the planting of fairways, which are now ready for play.

Pennrose Park CC Opens in 1929