In 1945, there were three plans on the drawing board to expand PPCC to 18 holes. The Tufts Archives in Pinehurst provided Plan No. 2 and Plan No. 3. There is no known record of Plan No. 1. This drawing shows plan No. 2 with seven holes added to the south of hole No. 6.

J.B. McGovern, one of on-site crew chiefs employed by Donald Ross, signed both plans.

Plan No. 2 reads: "Presenting the possible addition of nine holes in one loop of 18 holes using the Richardson property and the club land."

Plan No. 3, which adds five holes to the south of current hole No. 3, is seen below. It reads:  “Presenting the possibility of adding five holes to the first four, using the Watlington land and two holes on the Richardson tract together with the two holes on the Club land (same at plan #1).”

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